Bangkok Burger Company – Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Burger Company

On our way back to Australia, we managed to have time for a quick bite at Bangkok Burger Co. at Siam Paragon Mall in the heart of Bangkok. I had read many good things about it and was excited to get to try it before leaving Thailand for who knows how long!

The Place

Siam Paragon has a massive food court, so big that I’ve gotten lost in it…twice. So this place was almost hard to notice because it was so small!! it just had a small seating area and the ever important grill/kitchen area. You can’t really call it quaint because it’s in the middle of a huge food court but nonetheless it was good.

Bangkok Burger Company

The Menu

Bangkok Burger Company had a great menu with really cool, and relevant, names for their burgers! From the French-inspired “Le Parisien,” with French brie & garlic wild mushrooms with dijon mustard sauce to the Hawaiian “The Big Kahuna,”bacon, grilled pineapple, white cheddar & house teriyaki BBQ sauce, everything was cohesive and delicious. They had less than 10 burgers, which pleased me because I think it’s good to keep it fairly simple, plus they offered a few sandwiches and sides as well. All of their burgers also come two sizes, regular (5oz/141g) or large (8oz/226g); the regular was definitely big enough especially when paired with curly fries! You also have the option of either beef or pork for your patty!

The Burger

So there were four of us and we all managed to order different burgers which mean there’s going to be a lot of evidence of deliciousness!

I went ahead and got the N.Y.C. with house guacamole, bacon, rocket salad & sun dried tomato mayo. The patty was really delicious and juicy with great flavors. The sauces, aka guacamole and mayo, melded really good with the patty and the really crispy bacon. The bun was pretty good as well, just a simple sesame seed bun which was squishy and didn’t have too much bread. And all of it was topped with a cute little gherkin!

Bangkok Burger Company

Dan got The Big Boss because that’s how he rolls hahaha. This burger was pretty impressive with bacon, white cheddar, house BBQ sauce, giant onion ring & garlic mayo. While I’m not a fan of BBQ sauce, this homemade BBQ was really good and definitely made the burger. The onion ring also acted like another patty because it was so massive so that was another bonus!

Bangkok Burger Company

Our friends Bo and Meaw both opted for the classic Cheeseburger because they love cheese and wanted a more American style burger! Bo added some delicious crispy bacon to hers and Meaw added a fried egg. Meaw also opted for the pork patty because she doesn’t eat beef and she said that it tasted really good!

Bangkok Burger Company Bangkok Burger Company

The Verdict

Bangkok Burger Company is definitely a place I would recommend to anyone visiting Bangkok. It’s centrally located, decently priced, and the burgers are great!! I even got the curly fries and those turned out really well! I love the size of the burgers and the cohesiveness of their burger names. The bun is different from the ever-popular brioche and the little gherkin on top really makes it feel more American than most places. We had such a great time with our friends and hope to see them again soon! 😀

Bangkok Burger Company

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