Chur Burger – Sydney, Australia

Chur Burger

The only problem with traveling is that I never have enough time to try out all the burger places that I want to, even if I split them with my travel partner! When I first went to Sydney with @burg.her we managed to hit four joints while we were there but then I went with Dan and we got to try a couple of new ones! We were staying in Surry Hills so we decided to head to Chur Burger.

The Place

Located just a couple blocks from Sydney’s central railway station, Chur Burger is tucked away from all the commotion while still being centrally located. Chur burger is one of Sydney’s most buzzed about burger joints and I was excited to try it out. The restaurant was open and inviting. There was graffiti peppered across the place that gave it an air of coolness. The cool barrel tables really added a different element to the restaurant.

The Menu

Chur Burger

The menu short and to the point. There was something on there for everyone without being overwhelming on choices. And the prices…they were great! A good sized burger for $10 or $12 is a bargain! We opted for the special, however because it sounded too good to pass up!

The Burger

So the special of the day was crumbed fried chicken burger with lettuce, tomato, and a delicious blue cheese sauce…and then we added a bit of pulled pork on top to make it worth our while. The fried chicken was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside while the pulled pork was succulent and flavorful. The bun was squishy and delicious and that blue cheese sauce was dripping and melding with everything else and just topped it all off.

Chur Burger

The Verdict

The quality of the meats I had and the overall aesthetic of Chur burger definitely makes me want to go back. The quality and taste of the burger was excellent and I would recommend anyone who visits Sydney to stop off at this place and indulge in a great meal1

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