Parlour Burger – Sydney, Australia

Parlour Burger

After a long day of exploring Sydney’s CBD, seeing the historic Rocks district, the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, etc, we had worked up quite the appetite. We had heard about this place nearby that made chips that were fried in duck fat and being the chip connoisseur that she is, @burg.her took me to the Parlour Burger (which also featured burgers, who knew!?). Famous for their $10 burgers we decided to give it a chance and see what’s up!

The Place

Attached to the famous, The Morrison, Parlour Burger is the more casual cousin, featuring a simple menu of burgers, a few sides, and milkshakes. The theme was very relaxed and cool, with a huge bar, and high top tables. Kitschy little signs that boast the “best burger” and some other random items here are there gave it a real saloon type vibe. An easy place to go for a quick lunch with a good lunch and a good price.

Parlour Burger Parlour Burger Parlour Burger

The Menu

Parlour BurgerA simple menu with a handful of burgers each with a different idea. This was no Burger Project, all of these burgers had a unique idea and better flavor combinations. Even their “Original” burger has chipotle mayo on it. I really liked that they have something for everyone but it’s not overwhelming with options.

The Burger

We decided to go with the “Dirty Burger” because we were intrigued by the cheesy beer sauce. The presentation on the burger was great (finally!) and we had a lot of fun playing around with it and adding fries to our shot. The patty didn’t have a lot of flavor so that was a bit disappointing but the bun was a nice brioche bun. The bacon was great and crispy, which is hard for some burger places to do. The thing that caught our attention, the cheesy beer sauce, was a bit too messy and not cheesy enough. It got all over my plate but didn’t add any real flavor to the burger in general.

Parlour BurgerThe highlight of this burger quest were, in fact, the duck fat chips!! They came out nice and crispy and the duck fat added a nice crunchy “skin” to bite into. They were perfectly seasoned with sea salt flakes and I can honestly say that these are some of the best chips I’ve EVER had!! Super yummy!

★ SYDNEY BOUND ★ ATTENTION! Duck fat chips ??? @parlourburger

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 The Verdict

Overall we didn’t think Parlour Burger was that great in terms of the burger, but the chips are definitely worth the trip there! I would be keen to go back and try another burger, maybe not a beef one, but going for a drink and munching on the chips for days on end would be suffice for me! Definitely don’t agree that’s it’s the “Best Burgers in town” but it’s a really decent cheap meal if you’re in the area!

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