Yo My Goodness – Glen Waverley, Australia

Yo My Goodness

Just a five minute walk from the Glen Waverley train station, out in the boonies of Melbourne, lies a delicious little burger and froyo haven called Yo My Goodness, or YOMG for short. A cool and unexpected burger joint, YOMG boasts great burgers, clean style, and a crazy big froyo bar.

The Place

One of the newest additions to the Kingsway shopping strip, YOMG really pops out with it’s colorful logo and display. The restaurant is very clean cut with purple sprinkled around at every chance they get. It’s a pop of color in burger world. The setup was easy to maneuver and didn’t leave you waiting in a long line and awkwardly taking up the whole restaurant.

The Menu

Yo My Goodness

With a great list of burgers at great prices, we were really excited to get our burger on! All their burgers are made from grass fed Australian beef and are hand pressed, a quality you can taste as well. At about 10 burgers, I feel that it’s a good number to offer variety without overwhelming customers. The rest of the menu was also great and loaded with fries, sides, and milkshakes. There is also a massive frozen yogurt bar where you can get an all-you-can-fill waffle cones for only $5.

The Burger

As always, Dan got one of the bigger burgers because he goes big. He got the Kingsway with double beef, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, ketchup, and their secret sauce. Super flavorful, juicy patties in between some nice squishy sesame buns. And that secret sauce really makes the burger, what’s in it!?

Yo My Goodness

I went ahead and got one of my signature kind of burgers, anything that’s spicy. At YOMG that’s The Howler, with beef, cheese, red onion, lettuce, fried jalapeños, pickles, and habanero mayo. Though it wasn’t as spicy as I usually like, it was so juicy and incredible! The fried jalapeños and red onion added a little kick but wasn’t overly spicy.

Yo My Goodness

We also got some of their Fetta Fettish fries which were loaded golden fries, fetta, dukkha, lemon, oregano, and spring onion. Though the fries weren’t hand cut, the amazing blend of flavors on top made the entire side. Any of their loaded fries are worth a try!

The Verdict

Even though YOMG is kinda far, it’s definitely worth the trip and it’s right off the train line! Their burgers are really juicy and hand pressed, and you can tell but the pictures that they look delectable. The bun to burger ratio is absolutely perfect and the buns are really good. I love the flavor mixes that they offer on all of their burgers, classics mixed with new ideas. I also really love the froyo bar that they offer to round out your meal with something delicious.

Yo My Goodness Yo My Goodness


Go check out YOMG!

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