The Merrywell – Melbourne, Australia

The Merrywell

The Merrywell, which is located at Southbank attached to Crown casino, is one of only a few places I’d actually eat a burger in the CBD of Melbourne. Similar to the Parlour Burger in Sydney which was attached to The Morrison, Merrywell has two different venues with different vibes. “Upstairs” is a bit classier with more extensive menu, while “Downstairs” is a more casual bar that serves up burgers, sandwiches, and drinks! (more…)

Chur Burger – Sydney, Australia

Chur Burger

The only problem with traveling is that I never have enough time to try out all the burger places that I want to, even if I split them with my travel partner! When I first went to Sydney with @burg.her we managed to hit four joints while we were there but then I went with Dan and we got to try a couple of new ones! We were staying in Surry Hills so we decided to head to Chur Burger. (more…)

Yo My Goodness – Glen Waverley, Australia

Yo My Goodness

Just a five minute walk from the Glen Waverley train station, out in the boonies of Melbourne, lies a delicious little burger and froyo haven called Yo My Goodness, or YOMG for short. A cool and unexpected burger joint, YOMG boasts great burgers, clean style, and a crazy big froyo bar. (more…)

The Dude Food Man – Melbourne, Australia

Dude Food Man
Photo courtesy of Dude Food Man.

This past weekend we went to The Dude Food Man in Essendon with our beloved burger friend, @burg.her. I had heard quite a few things about this place, all of them having been good, and when she mentioned going I got really excited. So we drove north and ended up at this cute little retro-style burger joint. What comes next is just pure delicious burger-ness. (more…)

Ribs & Burgers – Australia

Ribs & Burgers

Back when we were in Perth, we decided to head to Ribs & Burgers which is a fairly popular burger and rib joint in Australia. Now I’m not a huge ribs fan, mostly because they’re really messy and I’m just not into that. But the Dan-man is really into ribs and at least this place combined two things that we love! We headed there with our friends and had a dinner fit for a king and left very full and happy. I had been wanting to try out this place for a while now and what better way to do it than with friends! (more…)

Firehouse – Bangkok, Thailand


One area in Bangkok that I wish we had a chance to explore more was Sukhumvit. It’s in the eastern part of Bangkok, which also happens to house the business district as well as a lot of the nicer hotels. We managed to make our way down there one night because we were close and I read there was a great burger place down Soi 11. There are a few great sois, or side streets, in Sukhumvit and this happened to be one of them. We had dinner at Firehouse and it was really good! (more…)

Paperbutter & The Burger – Bangkok, Thailand

Paperbutter and The Burger

Our first burger adventure in Thailand and it was a doozy!! On a small side street near our Airbnb lay a container bar/restaurant named Paperbutter & The Burger. Rated very highly on Tripadvisor, their Facebook page, and other internet sights, I thought we’d better check it out since it was a 5 minute walk from our place and we are sure glad that we did! (more…)

Mary’s – Sydney, Australia


Down an inconspicuous lane called Mary Street, lies a burger bar that can only be seen if you know what you’re looking for. There’s a little red light that’s above a door, no signs, no windows, nothing, just the red light to let you know that you are at the famous Mary’s in Newtown. Mary’s likes to keep things cool and simple. They don’t have a website, just heaps of reviews online and word of mouth that has made them one of the most talked about burgers in Australia.  (more…)

Parlour Burger – Sydney, Australia

Parlour Burger

After a long day of exploring Sydney’s CBD, seeing the historic Rocks district, the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, etc, we had worked up quite the appetite. We had heard about this place nearby that made chips that were fried in duck fat and being the chip connoisseur that she is, @burg.her took me to the Parlour Burger (which also featured burgers, who knew!?). Famous for their $10 burgers we decided to give it a chance and see what’s up! (more…)