James Bond Island

James Bond Island

Despite what people had told us and the reviews I read online, I was determined to go to Phuket for a couple of reasons: 1) because airline tickets were cheaper to go to Phuket than to other islands in Thailand and 2) because I felt that we had to go, because it’s just one of those things. So we headed out on the first flight on Tuesday morning and found ourselves on Phuket Island. Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand with about 210 square miles of land to cover. There are many beaches on the island to stay at, and we chose to stay in Patong, though we’d be warned to stay away. (more…)

Cooking with Pum

Cooking with Pum

One thing I really wanted to do while traveling is take Thai cooking classes. Obviously I love cooking, or I wouldn’t have created this blog but it’s completely different to create food by yourself and hope it turns out right and go to a class and learn how to make food there. This was a must for me because Thai food is more complicated than other cuisines, not because of techniques but because there are just smidgeons of a lot of ingredients added into make this amazing flavor combination. Leave one ingredient out and it changes the whole dish. (more…)

Bangkok: The City with the Longest Name


The Dan-Man and I had been planning this amazing trip to Bali since about May. We had our Airbnb that was tucked away in the serene Ubud all booked for our month-long stay and received so much advice from friends on where to go and what to do. Then because of Mount Ruang and it’s massive volcanic ash cloud, our trip was postponed indefinitely, according to Jetstar. Instead of freaking out and worrying about if and when we’ll be able to get into Bali we decided to find the cheapest flight out the next day and just fly there. Just so happens that the cheapest ticket was to Thailand and we got really pumped. (more…)

Firehouse – Bangkok, Thailand


One area in Bangkok that I wish we had a chance to explore more was Sukhumvit. It’s in the eastern part of Bangkok, which also happens to house the business district as well as a lot of the nicer hotels. We managed to make our way down there one night because we were close and I read there was a great burger place down Soi 11. There are a few great sois, or side streets, in Sukhumvit and this happened to be one of them. We had dinner at Firehouse and it was really good! (more…)

Mary’s – Sydney, Australia


Down an inconspicuous lane called Mary Street, lies a burger bar that can only be seen if you know what you’re looking for. There’s a little red light that’s above a door, no signs, no windows, nothing, just the red light to let you know that you are at the famous Mary’s in Newtown. Mary’s likes to keep things cool and simple. They don’t have a website, just heaps of reviews online and word of mouth that has made them one of the most talked about burgers in Australia.  (more…)

Parlour Burger – Sydney, Australia

Parlour Burger

After a long day of exploring Sydney’s CBD, seeing the historic Rocks district, the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, etc, we had worked up quite the appetite. We had heard about this place nearby that made chips that were fried in duck fat and being the chip connoisseur that she is, @burg.her took me to the Parlour Burger (which also featured burgers, who knew!?). Famous for their $10 burgers we decided to give it a chance and see what’s up! (more…)

Chuck Wagon 175 – Adelaide, Australia

Chuck Wagon 175The second burger place we went to in Adelaide was probably the most fun burger joint I’ve ever been to. It was close to our Airbnb and got pretty good reviews online so we decided to walk up there and see what all the fuss was about. We almost walked right past the place because from the name, Chuck Wagon, I just assumed it would be more of an “old western” style restaurant with cowboys and what not but what we got was such a surprise!